What Interior Design suits your Personality?

Describe yourself in three words

Ideal vacation?

Favorite type of film to watch?

Other people would best describe me as..

You have a whole afternoon free, what do you do?

What clothing style you prefer best?

Ideal night out?

What's all over your Instagram feed?

What's most important to you in a home?

The color scheme of your ideal home

What Interior Design suits your Personality?

You love clean, low-profile modern shapes but also like to jazz them up with a dose of fun. You gravitate towards color, pattern and playful details grounded with classic shapes. You want your home to feel light and easy.

You’re pretty casual; comfort at home is super important to you. You’re into rustic details, often with elements of wood, leather and metal but you keep it warm with lots of texture. You don’t like things that are too finished, in fact, you revel in the rough.

You never shy away from global influences or inspirations. You like items with a story and you are less worried about them “going together.” You like to mix up different elements to create a stylish mish-mash that reflects your unique point of view.

You love interesting details like molding or pattern. You gravitate towards a soothing palette — softer colors, darks or neutrals — but you also love a good metallic accent. You don’t mind ornate shapes or extra frills and you have a sense of history about your decor.


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