What Makes A Condo A Priceless Investment?

What is one of the basic human needs we are taught at an early age? Shelter. A roof above our heads. Because the demand for real estate will constantly remain and since it is a basic need, it is considered a low-risk category investment with great financial value. Condominiums are one of the types of investments that people look for, with low risks and high substantial returns.  

Luxury amenities and the convenience of distance are one of the common benefits that are popular among home buyers finding condo communities to invest in. But for the past years, the majority of Filipinos have scouted for homes to invest in not only to buy a property or earn profit, but to uphold family values that are key principles to every Filipino. Condo amenities, for example, are not just physical structures such as swimming pools and a playground. They are places where the family can bond and have a good time, something that every Filipino family wishes to do more often.


The desire to buy properties for Filipinos tends to gain momentum as they get older. And although for some, buying real estate requires years of careful planning, saving, and a great length of motivation, the reasons why Filipinos buy or rent out condos go beyond profit and yields: it can be personal, even emotional.

The Value of Time

Filipinos invest in a condominium strategically located near work districts not just because it saves time and gas to and from work, but it certainly benefits you to have more time with the family, a little more sleeping time and a little less stuck in traffic. Living close to work gives condo dwellers time to do the things that truly matter, instead of getting stuck in rush hour traffic for three hours and going straight to bed once you reach home because the traffic totally drained you. That’s why the majority of Megaworld townships are in or near major business districts in the Metro.

Korean International School Philippines, McKinley Hill

The Value of Education

Look beyond the neighborhood and see if the community on the larger scale can accommodate your lifestyle in the future –  more importantly your children’s future. If you plan on raising a family down the road, a large part of your life will be sending them to school. That said, it’s important to check out the campuses and academic institutions near your home. You’ll especially benefit from various school options that are heavily established as reputable institutions, like outstanding educational centers in the city that range from traditional schools to progressive ones in Quezon City, Makati, and Taguig.

Concierge at The Florence, McKinley Hill

The Value of Security

Everyone wants to feel secure within their home. In fact, one of the many reasons that people choose condo living is the built-in communal safety that comes with the territory. When it comes to choosing a condo that will make you feel safe and secure, it’s preemptive that you check condo security, its surveillance measures, and also concierge services that are able to help residents with a variety of services that include verification and access control for visitors, and other emergency responses. It not only improves security but also provides a professional appearance with a personal touch.

The Value of Fun

There are numerous advantages in living in modern and progressive cities where lifestyle hotspots are conveniently located. With diverse quality lifestyle options, there will always be a newfound activity you and your family can enjoy. From diverse food scenes, sophisticated shopping malls, and recreational facilities, you can even find solitude in nature with parks and green landscapes that are just a short drive away without actually living the city’s premises. 

The Value of Family

Raising kids in a condo may not be traditional, but it certainly has tons of benefits even as little as having a slow breakfast with the family, and time to have dinner and watch TV with your loved ones after a long and tiring day. The intangible perks and privileges of living in a condo is allowing you to do many things together as a family. On weekends, the kids can go for a dip in the pool, or take the dog for a walk along the facilities. Families can have a relaxing break in the landscape gardens or get active in the playground. Couples can hit the gym together. All of these condo amenities come with owning a unit.

Owning a condo isn’t just about the superficial benefits of location, resale value, and amenities. Each perk is rooted in a need that is culturally embedded in a Filipino: the need for security, to be with family, and the desire to enjoy a comfortable life they work so hard for. 

Talk to a property specialist today and explore more of Megaworld’s Prime RFO properties  and options for real estate investment especially in the country’s prime locations. Let us help you find your new family home in the new norm.


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