Ways on How to Mentally Bounce Back and Push Forward from the Pandemic

Ways on How to Mentally Bounce Back and Push Forward from the Pandemic

They say change is the only constant in the world. However, adjusting to change can still be a challenge. Over the last 4 months, life has been challenging and has turned our lives upside down. We have experienced an unforeseen and unexpected turn of events in our way of life.

So how can we ease into this new way of living? Here are some ways on how to push forward to the New Normal.

Allow yourself to grieve

Let yourself feel the discomfort and all the other emotions too. 

Once you have finally allowed yourself to feel all these emotions, there will be more space to embrace and accept the New Normal.

Create a Journal of Your Experiences

Write down your experiences – be it your thoughts, feelings, anything under the sun! Record things that make you feel happy!

Find New Ways to Stay Connected

Because social distancing does not mean social disconnecting.

There are new and different ways to still connect with family and friends. You just have to be creative!

Create and find pockets of joy

Walked the dog today? Great!

It doesn’t have to be grand! No matter how simple it is, celebrate anything that naturally brings smile to your face!

Give Yourself Some Time Off

Take time for self-care and take things one at a time!

Remind yourself that we are still living in an uncertain time so give yourself some allowances and some time to break!

Stay informed but not Alarmed

Get information from reputable and reliable media sources rather than from opinion and views on social media


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