Upgrading Quality of Life with Township Living

Over the course of the last months, life has been tough and has gone crazy in ways we can’t control. We have experienced unforeseen and unexpected turn of events in our way of life. Our old routines have quickly adapted to new ways. Practical activities which were once normal such as going to the mall, commuting to work, going to school, taking a stroll and walking the dogs may now feel strange and unsafe. Even the most unexciting moments of once daily normal routine feels like a treat most people are already keen to have back. 

Community quarantine measures have been the response to prevent the spread of the virus which has resulted to shift in remote work and change in daily routine. Maintaining strict social distance has also been vital for the safety of the public during the course of the pandemic. As a result of these restrictions, there is a rise in demand for communities providing offices, schools, malls, parks and hospitals all in close vicinity giving the residents the luxury of just walking to each of them. The unexpected characteristics of the pandemic and its immediate and widespread impact resulted many urban dwellers to desire a safe, convenient, comfortable and sustainable living spaces situated within integrated townships. 

Often referred to as “city within a city”, integrated townships provide residents all life’s essentials such as malls and other retail establishments, office spaces, educational institutions, recreational and entertainment facilities, hospitals and open green areas within easy accessibility. Essentially, everything that people need to be able to have a safe, harmonious and comfortable life is within the township. It is these perks that have gotten the township living under the preferences and major priorities of many urban dwellers. 
What are the other benefits an integrated township and mixed-use development offers investors and homebuyers? Read on to know how else a township development can ease your everyday living.

1. Holistic and complete Living Experience

Complete. Accessibility. Convenience. These are the top priorities that home buyers consider and look for when purchasing a home. The township communities offer most essential establishments and services like malls, hospitals, schools and office towers within the development making it very convenient and accessible to urban dwellers. With township living, residents enjoy the luxury of just walking to these establishments and practically do everything in a short distance from home. This township idea is very popular to urban dwellers as this helps them to enjoy a holistic and complete living experience and to maximize their time more. 

2. Highly Accessible

Townships are strategically located and are surrounded by major highways and transportation hubs such as metro railway station and bus terminals making it easily accessible and faster to go to places.

3. Work-life Balance

We have grown accustomed to a fast-paced life but it is still important to have slowdown moments in our everyday life. This is where townships located close to office towers will have an advantage. With office towers and major commercial establishments just a short drive from your home, achieving a healthy work-life balance is a breeze as you now have more time for yourself to refresh and relax after a full day’s work.

4. Community living

Townships encourage community living. It is a safe place where like-minded individuals and families can live harmoniously and stay physically and mentally healthy. Having huge variety of recreational facilities and close proximity to each other, tight-knit communities are formed among residents and close bonds between residents are encouraged.

5. Better Returns

Integrated townships offer better return on investments. Townships are mixed-use development combining residential, business, and recreational all in one location. Acquiring a condominium in a township development gives way for a lifetime investment which market value and profitability appreciates over time.  It also has the potential to be rented out as these condominiums target employees who are already working in offices located just within the township. Condominiums located within townships also provide a good rental income since most urban dwellers are now looking for a complete living experience.

With the rising problems in the urban communities such as traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and long commuting times that greatly affect one’s health and productivity and the continuous onset of the virus, integrated townships provide solutions to many of these challenges. Township living is definitely the future of real estate sector. 

Our reliable property specialists are always available to assist you for your property investment and to present to you the different townships we offer across the metro.


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