Holiday Shopping Tips: to SPLURGE or to SAVE


It’s fun and exciting to shop within the season of big sales and promos, and with all the jolly excitement you might be tempted to buy anything with a big discount value. But there are certain household items that you should opt investing in despite the premium prices. 

So how would you know when to splurge on a value-for- money item or opt for a budget-friendly purchase? Here are some tips to help you decide:

Long-term Use

If you plan to own an item long enough that buying a more expensive—but more efficient—model will save you money in the long run, it’s a sensible purchase. Some things may be cheap now, but can actually cost you more in the long run especially considering possible maintenance. Would you want to have to buy the same cheap thing over and over again?

Purchasing cheap furniture and appliances may lead to spending more down the line especially if it can wear out or fall apart. You would be spending more money on repairs or re-buying before owning it in a long enough time.

You should also factor in warranties and maintenance costs. If an appliance is covered for as long as you need to own it to make your investment back, you’re in good shape.

Consider maintenance or upkeep

Frequency of use

Some household necessities will be used everyday or at least once a week. When it comes to items like kitchenware it pays to look for quality first.  Also consider if these items will only be used as a decorative piece or used for storage.

You don’t have to buy all the stuff you need in one go, decide first which should be timeless pieces that can be sturdy enough to last and you can buy later more affordable and ‘disposable’ pieces that can be easily replaced.

Prioritize importance

Consumables and Supplies

You can stick to your usual reliable go-to products for consumable items you already feel sure and comfortable of using.

It often makes sense to spend more on items that have a longer shelf life as well.

It wouldn’t hurt to do research first when shopping, reading reviews, and learning which reviews to trust. It pays well to learn when you can get quality for less money, so you can put your money more towards things like longevity, and low cost of ownership, instead of just being brand-conscious and putting importance into labels.

Do Research

When buying stuff for your condo, don’t just be about being thrifty and saving money — it should be about spending wisely on the right things so you have the money for the right things that are important to you.

This holiday season, just like any other purchase, you decide which is best for you. For Prime RFO always choose premium first!

Inquire now for ready-for-occupancy units and we’ll help you find your new dream home in the most prime locations!  


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