Secure your future: Investments Filipino Millennials Should Consider Making Now

Today, you may be in your 20s, living your best life or living by paycheck. Then one day, you’ll wake up at 50 or 60 years old with no investments of value to speak of. It’s not a far-fetched image considering the mindset of a lot of Filipino millennials may only be investing and saving “when they feel like it”. If gen Ys and Zs expect to live a better lifestyle when they reach retirement age than the one they’re living now, then a regular monthly investment plan is one thing to ensure this.

Here are other things to consider investing in while you’re still in your 20s:


Something that should always be considered is applying for a life insurance policy and an investment, all in one as early as possible. This enables you to financially protect your dependents in case something bad happens to you. Its liquidity lets you access your funds after a specific number of years, which is helpful during financial emergencies.


It may seem too early, but it’s best to invest in a property when you’re young. Millennials with bigger “budget” opt for real estate investment. They obtain a piece of land, house, or business infrastructure to rent, manage, or sell later to gain income.

The good thing about this is you don’t even have to live in the property that you buy. Let’s say you own a condo in Makati, but you work in Ortigas. While the distance isn’t too far, you’re better off staying near your workplace, what with Manila’s now-infamous traffic situation. But you can make your Makati property profitable by renting it out. It’s a source of passive income that doesn’t require much effort on your part. Just remember to secure proper and enough financing prior to delving into real estate investments.


If you’re a millennial who doesn’t want to rely on employment alone to secure financial stability, explore on the side income sources like small businesses, freelance gigs, etc. They invest capital on ventures that could generate passive or active earning, be it food, clothing, service, or franchise.

In this age of convenient online buying, the chance to also sell is always feasible. A talent or hobby can turn into an entrepreneurial opportunity especially if there’s always a market for it. Whether you like to cook or you’re a good artist and you can turn any passion into a small business. The best thing about starting a small business is that you don’t need a huge capital or even a business degree. You can start small, grow your clientele, and then expand your business.


If you’re comfortable entrusting your money under the care of an expert, then you can opt to invest in mutual funds instead. First, you need to set aside PHP 5,000, as minimum investment. Next step would be choosing the company who will manage your money. During this step, make sure to research about the best investment companies in the Philippines to ensure that your money is in good hands. Your investment then gets combined with funds from other investors, which includes various financial products like stocks and bonds, to name a few.


Your own improvement is one of the best assets to invest in. You’re always learning and there’s always room for growth, so if you can, purchase or do things that will make you better. Try to learn new skills by taking online courses—these give you more career options. Go to the gym to stay active and healthy. Travel to learn more about other cultures. All these things can help you grow as a person and molding a better you is an investment that’s rewarding for life.


Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to money management, it pays to be smart about your investments from an early age. Hopefully, the list above has made your search for the right investment a little clearer and less overwhelming. You can talk to our property experts for more information and help on how you can secure a proper deal on ready-for-occupancy properties if you are delving into real estate investments.


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