Eastwood City: A Township Masterpiece

Integrated urban townships are like mini-cities where everyday facilities are available. Think schools, offices, worship places, and malls. Everything is available within your reach, and you don’t have to go outside the township to work, study, or unwind. Filled with inspiring greenery, townships are also considered a refreshing escape from the chaotic city scenes. The […]

Common Real Estate Myths You Need to Know

Investing in the real estate market is certainly a pivotal decision because a huge commitment is needed in the process. That’s why most people used to do thorough market research before investing a single penny. But very often it has been found that all the knowledge that you have acquired gets overshadowed by exaggerations or […]

Here’s How An OFW Can Tour and Buy A Condo Remotely

For many OFWs or overseas Filipinos, residential condominiums have become their preferred property investment. For one, condos are easier to rent out and relatively stress-free and cheaper when it comes to maintaining it compared to a typical house and lot. They are also easy to monitor and often serve as vacation homes of overseas Filipinos […]


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