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Frequently asked questions

General faq

We offer Prime Online Navigation Experience by walking you through finding your new home, payment options, personalization and closing procedures, all virtually with the same Megaworld Prime RFO Experience that you’d receive in person.

There are 2 ways to access the Prime O.N.E website. 

First is by typing the url in the search bar: 

Second is by clicking the Prime O.N.E button located on the Prime RFO Official Website banner. 

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Online inquiry FAQ

Navigate and click the online inquiry on our website to book an online consultation with our dedicated Prime property specialists. You have the option to choose a booking type – from Online Project Presentation, Viewing a unit via video call to Visiting an actual unit. You can also choose a communication channel you are most comfortable with – Viber, Zoom, Google Meet, WeChat, etc.

Click here to Book an Online Consultation

You will receive an email from Megaworld Prime RFO confirming your booking. A Prime Property Specialist will then contact you within the next 24 hours.

Health protocols and requirements to view an actual unit differ for every project. Once booking is confirmed, a Prime Property Specialist will get in touch with you to discuss the viewing requirements.

Megaworld Prime RFO has a company service vehicle to pick you up on your scheduled actual unit viewing. You may get in touch with your Prime Property Specialist for more details.

There are no additional fees when you avail of the service. However, the service should only include 2 clients. Total of 4 people, including the Prime Property Specialist and the Driver. 

Once booking is confirmed, any alteration or change in date is no longer allowed. However, you may directly coordinate with the Prime Property Specialist assigned to you should you wish to reschedule your booking. Meanwhile, cancellations will be treated as a brand new appointment upon rescheduling.

As per policy the Prime Property Specialist assigned to you will be the only one to handle your account. Rest assured that all our Prime Property Specialists are knowledgeable and well-trained to guide you in your online home buying experience through Prime O.N.E. 


** Disclaimer **

Kindly disclose if you already have a Property Specialist assisting you for proper appointment monitoring otherwise a new agent will be assigned to you based on our site’s queuing system.

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Navigate tours faq

No need! Our 360 tours are viewable online, anytime, anywhere — whether on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. 

Slow loading of the 360 tours may be the result of poor internet connection.

You can book an online appointment with our Prime Property Specialists and they’ll be happy to  present to you the 360 tours.

Click here to Book an Online Consultation

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Ensure reservation FAQ

Requirements to reserve a unit are the following

  • Dated Reservation Fee


  • Duly signed Reservation Agreement
  • Duly signed MRI form
  • Signed Move-in Clearance Requirements
  • Clear copy of (2) valid government issued IDS with 3-specimen  signatures
  • TIN ID and Passport ID with signature page


A few reminders:


  • Please send these documents in 1-PDF file. Copy of approval of requested terms, discounts, move-in rate, if any. Incomplete documents will not be honored
  • Checks should be dated; Post-Dated checks are not acceptable
  • Cash reservation is not allowed
  • Any alteration with the checks should be replaced
  • Checks are payable to MEGAWORLD CORPORATION
  • Kindly write on the back of the check the following information:
    • Client Name
    • Project
    • Unit
    • RF Payment



Below are the acceptable Identification Cards:


  • Tax Identification Number (for Filipino citizens)
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • SSS ID (Philippines)
  • GSIS ID (Philippines)
  • PRC ID (Philippines)
  • Postal ID (Philippines)



Yes, online payments are definitely safe. However, we are not promoting any banks and in no way connected to any of the banks on the site. These are the banks that are predominantly used by our clients and we are simply linking you to the right website of your chosen bank.

You may transact in any bank that you are connected with.

You will be receiving an email from Megaworld Prime RFO to confirm the reservation of your unit.

Yes. You may request your  Prime Property Specialist to have your documents picked up.

Any other questions, our dedicated Prime Property Specialist will be right with you to help you on the process!

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