Lifestyle Measures to Prevent Diabetes

Megaworld Prime RFO unites in spreading the word and strengthening diabetes awareness as we continue the celebration of World Diabetes Day last November 14. It is a global campaign to bring light the complications of this condition that leads to debilitating and even fatal consequences such as blindness, amputation, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. Efforts to prevent and control diabetes start with education and so we believe that with proper awareness and right information, one can take steps to prevent the onset of Diabetes and maintain a healthy life.

Read on to know the Lifestyle Measures to Prevent and Manage Diabetes.

Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Body

There are a lot of health and medical risks of being overweight. These risks include heart disease, stroke and diabetes. To help you prevent these health conditions, losing weight and maintaining a healthy body may be the answer. You don’t have to lose a lot of weight to improve your health – losing 10-15 pounds can already make a long way.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Focus on eating only as much as your body needs. Have lots of greens, fruits and whole grains. Control food intake that are high in sugar and fat. Always watch out on your carbohydrates intake as these turn into sugar.

Avoid or Quit Tobacco Use

There are no excuses – smoking is bad for your health with or without diabetes. While having diabetes makes you more prone to several health problems, smoking gives you even higher chances of getting them.

Make Physically Activity Part of your Daily Routine

Now is the perfect time to be active. There are a lot of benefits of having an active lifestyle – from controlling your diabetes by bringing down your blood sugar, lowering your chances of getting heart disease to helping you lose pounds and ease stress. You don’t need to go to the gym or do cross-training. All you have to do is at least 30 minutes of jogging or walking. Any physical activity that makes you sweat and breathe a little harder on most days of the week will definitely help.

Practice Effective Stress Management

Having effective stress management is important for everyone’s health. But managing stress is more important when you’re living with diabetes. When one’s body responds to stress, it could increase the risk of having diabetes problems. You can find ways to relieve stress through activities such as deep breathing, doing yoga, taking a walk, spending outdoors, meditating or doing hobbies that relax you.

You can prevent and manage your diabetes and live a long and healthy life by following these tips and taking care of yourself. Megaworld Prime RFO makes it a point to take care of you and your loved ones. We are committed to providing our residents an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle by introducing and giving them access to the beauty of outdoors, greeneries, building facilities that promote physical activities and open spaces. Talk to us and our property specialists will help you find your family’s dream home.


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