Life Lessons And Realizations In The Time Of A Pandemic

Our country has faced multiple challenges in the past. We’ve battled through extraordinary times, beat  the odds and came out stronger than we ever thought. But unlike any other crisis before, this pandemic  is incomparable in its extensive impact across the world. The extraordinary situation caught a lot of  people unprepared and brought unforeseen effects in all aspects of life.  

Now that the country is on its 205th day of community quarantine and easing of quarantine restrictions  have taken place, people are starting to return to their normal routine or adapt to the new normal.  However, while everyday still brings uncertainties to people, this pandemic also brings us valuable  lessons and realizations to learn from. 

Let us take a few moments to look back and reflect on the life lessons and realizations we can learn from  this pandemic. 

Importance of Accessibility and Convenience

As part of the government’s efforts in flattening the curve and in preventing the spread of the virus,  people are urged to stay home during the course of the pandemic. As a result, people see the  importance of investing in a living space where essential services, schools, offices, malls and recreational  facilities are in close proximity.

In a post-covid world, accessibility and convenience are vital. Accessibility and convenience upgrades  one’s quality of life. Living close enough to important establishments and services let people embrace a  healthier and improved lifestyle.

Megaworld’s fully-integrated mixed-use township development concept gives importance to  convenience and accessibility, offering complete essential services from office towers, shopping malls,  fitness centers to medical facilities all in one location.

Importance of Nature Spaces and In-person Interaction

The nation has enforced safety measures and protocols to slow down and prevent the spread of the  virus – some of which are self-isolation and social distancing. And as the need for social distancing  increases, the need for human interaction and urban green spaces also intensifies.  

During the course of the global crisis, the pandemic highlights the importance and benefits of having  access to nature spaces – the so called green and blue urban spaces – to our physical and psychological  well-being that could be beneficial for us. The pandemic also highlights and increases the level of value  appreciation that city dwellers put on greenspaces.

Adding to the several health benefits one can get by exposing to natural spaces, we also highlight that  having access to one not only provides people with means for destressing and relaxation during  challenging times, but it also helps people to be physically and mentally prepared. By providing easy access to greenspaces for people to exercise and interact with proper social distancing, green spaces  boost our immune system and increase our resistance to viral infections. 

With Megaworld Townships, we put emphasis and importance in surrounding our residents with lush  greeneries by designing landscaped open spaces and pocket gardens for leisure walks, jogging or biking  activities.  

Importance of Saving, Financial Stability and Security

Being financially prepared matters most on difficult times like this. The economic impact brought about  by the onset of the covid 19 pandemic has caused a lot of businesses and employees to experience  financial distressed. Due to the continuous efforts to contain the spread of the virus, there has been a  surge in temporary layoffs, loss of jobs in several industries and reduction of income. With this, people  have come to realize the importance of being financially sound and prepared – with or without a crisis.

People who are financially stable have enough savings and investments enabling them to live comfortably, enough to support one’s lifestyle and within their means despite unexpected challenges.  When something uncontrollable hit, you minimize the tendencies of being consumed by debt and  bankruptcy.  

Investing in Real Estate and acquiring a condominium in a township development gives way for a  lifetime investment where market value and profitability appreciates over time.

As we live in the new normal, let us not forget the important lessons and realizations the pandemic has  taught us and let us carry these with us as we move forward to the post-covid world. Megaworld Prime  RFO’s reliable property specialists are always available to assist you for your property investment questions and to present to you the different township options we have across the metro.


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