Here’s How An OFW Can Tour and Buy A Condo Remotely

For many OFWs or overseas Filipinos, residential condominiums have become their preferred property investment. For one, condos are easier to rent out and relatively stress-free and cheaper when it comes to maintaining it compared to a typical house and lot. They are also easy to monitor and often serve as vacation homes of overseas Filipinos who fly back to the country for a brief stay. Owning a residential condo unit is a more flexible investment option than pouring in money on a house and lot. 

If you’re looking for a new condo, you’ve done your research online, found what looks like the perfect condo, and you’d love to go take a look but due to circumstances, you aren’t able to tour the unit in person.

When you can’t walk through a property yourself, the next best thing is a remote unit tour conducted by an expert, someone you can trust, like your real estate agent or property specialist. If you must buy a condo remotely, this could be one of the ways for you to tour the home before you finalize your investment. 

Filipinos who are living overseas search for residential condo units either as an income-generating investment or as a property that they and their families back home could enjoy, here’s what you need to know about touring a property remotely:

  1. Work with a qualified agent

Because you won’t be able to tour the home in person, it’s extremely important to have an agent you can trust. It’s also a great idea to work with an agent who knows the building where you want to move in because an agent with in-depth knowledge of the area will know certain things about the property you might need to know, like the special features and amenities it has, and the important establishments within close proximity of the property.

Your agent will be your boots on the ground, helping you figure out which home is right for you, and that means they need to be dedicated to finding the perfect fit.

  1. Schedule your remote home tour online

To take part in a remote home tour, all you need is an agent who specializes in that area or location where you would like to buy and who has the capability to communicate through an online platform.

To enable you to see the unit, your agent will walk through the building for you with a cell phone or tablet, using FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Viber, or any other video chat service, showing you the house one-on-one. As you remotely tour the condo, you’ll be able to ask your agent questions, and your agent will be your eyes and ears, checking all the nooks and crannies of the unit so you can gather the information you need to decide whether you want to move forward with a purchase.

  1. Pay close attention & Take notes while you tour

Your agent can give you more details about the unit, but this is one of your best opportunities to learn everything you can about the property. During your virtual tour, ask your agent to open cabinets and drawers, give you feedback on the space, what view is facing your window, and whatever else.

You may even consider recording the call or asking your agent to take videos of certain parts of the house so you can study them later. A great thing about a virtual tour is you can always refer back to it later if recorded.

  1. Have your agent show you the neighborhood, too

You might decide that the condo is perfect, but you’ll want to make sure that the neighborhood is a good fit for you, too. Researching some aspects of the neighborhood can easily be done online, but other issues are harder to pinpoint online, and that’s where your agent comes in. Is the location a close proximity to main roads? Are there academic institutions nearby? How many entertainment establishments are there? Ask about walkability factors and the local amenities in the area.

  1. Attend a virtual open house if you can

Before you decide to have your agent walk through the home while virtually showing it to you, see if you can first attend the home’s virtual open house. 

This won’t be the same as a remote home tour; you’ll be part of an audience with other buyers instead of one-on-one — but it’s still a great chance to research and see if you want to pursue it further.

There is no denying the fact that buying property is made easier, thanks to the online tools available today. With the social distancing guidelines in place, especially with face-to-face interactions,  you can schedule your virtual appointments in advance so you can visit and inspect your future home safely and have a full understanding of what you are going to buy.Moreover, it pays to work with property experts to help you make informed decisions. The Prime Property Specialists of Prime ONE will ensure that you are in the right hands every step of the online buying journey. Want to get your online home buying journey started? Visit Prime O.N.E. [ ] today



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