Fun Indoor Activities During Rainy Days

Consecutive days of rain and gloomy weather makes you want to spend your free time tucked in bed while wearing your pajamas all day. After all, chilling indoors is better than spending the day outdoors – stuck in  traffic. Not that it’s a bad idea, but making the most out of your spare time on activities you enjoy doing and are worthwhile may actually be a better thing to do.  

We have listed down fun and productive activities which you may find yourself doing during this wet  season without ever leaving the confines of your home.

 1. Discover a new dish 

This gloomy weather is the perfect time to treat yourself with a sumptuous meal and make your tummy happy. Indulge your  palate with your favorite meal or better yet,  discover a new dish and master that recipe  you’ve been wanting to do! 

Each unit in Megaworld Prime RFO features  a functional kitchen with modular overhead  and under-counter cabinets and electric  burner cooktop, making sure you are able  to enjoy cooking while everything that you  need is organized and within arm’s reach.

Noble Place Showflat
2. Read a new book

Given our fast-paced life and busy schedules, reading the book we have been longing to read seems to be a difficult thing to do nowadays. And now that it’s rainy season, going outdoors may often be a challenge. So why not use this time to catch up on your readings. Imagine yourself sitting outside your private balcony with the sound of the rain drops filling the background while drinking your favorite coffee and reading a book.

Megaworld Prime RFO lets you experience THAT cozy and relaxing feeling with our several available units with private balcony, overlooking the landscapes of the community.

St.Mark Bare Unit
3. Binge watch your favorite Netflix movie

Binge watching your favorite movies may probably be everyone’s guilty pleasures whenever they have free time to stay indoors. Who wouldn’t want to stay in couch, while watching your favorite movie and being surrounded with lots of snacks?

Megaworld Prime RFO’s spacious living area provides you and your loved ones a perfect place to gather in and enjoy a cozy movie night.

Eastwood LeGrand Showflat
4. Marie Kondo your Closet

Closet clean up and decluttering tend to be delayed for other plans and Netflix binges. But now that majority of our time are spent staying indoors due to the rainy season, we are left with no reason but to start cleaning our closet. It can be really overwhelming but start with sorting out and getting rid of items and clothes that doesn’t fit you and no longer use. In this way, you are able to provide more room for new items.

With Megaworld Prime RFO’s built in large cabinets, you did not worry on how and where to comfortably store your clothing. You get the perfect bedroom wardrobe fit for all of your clothes.

One Eastwood Avenue Bare Unit
5. Create a Home Yoga Space

No better way of honoring yourself than by nurturing and prioritizing yourself. And one way to do so is to practice meditation and yoga. Maintaining a regular practice of yoga provides physical and mental health benefits that you may need especially during challenging times. With the thousands of free online instructional videos on Yoga available on YouTube, there are no excuses in staying fit.

Megaworld Prime RFO sleeping areas are so private and peaceful that it would make an amazing little yoga space. Having a space solely for yoga can help you establish and maintain a consistent practice routine.

Eastwood LeGrand Showflat

Rainy days don’t have to be all gloom and doom. You can still have lots of fun being stuck inside all day if you are prepared with the right activities and right tools. Megaworld Prime RFO units are equipped making it possible for you to enjoy any indoor activities. Talk to us and our reliable property specialists will help you find your family’s dream home.


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