5 Reasons Why Living in a Condo Can Help You Maximize Life in 2020

Plan to make the most of your life this 2020?

Here are 5 reasons why living in a condo can help make that happen

1. Value of Proximity

Going for a short swim, sweating it out in a steam room or running on a treadmill are just minutes away from your doorstep. By living in a condo, you’re reducing travel time, not to mention fuel, and membership costs that the average homeowner would need to pay for month after month. The vast majority of condos – like all Megaworld Prime RFO properties – offer sweet amenities that enhance residents’ lifestyle by purely bringing simplicity to their life.

2. Walkability to your weekly routine

Like residential properties in all Megaworld Townships, condominiums built in urban communities have high walkability distance to addresses and establishments needed for lifestyle living. So if you live in a condo, chances are you’ll be able to walk over to a coffee shop before walking over to a grocery store after dining at one of your favourite local restaurants.

3. Less Time for Stress, More Time for the Things You Love

Now you’ve realized not just the benefits of location but how it’s also an investment. Less commuting means more living. The level of stress you experience everyday because of traffic and long lines will be significantly reduced. Now, that’s priceless. You’ll be able to invest your time where it matters most; doing things you love with the people you matter most.

4. Go on a Trip Worry-Free

If you plan to do maximize your life and do more travelling this year, pack your bags and leave for a few weeks worry-free, living in a condo can be a major perk for you. Major condos and prime projects of Megaworld Prime RFO provide gated/locked entries or even security professionals for residents. Locking up your door and being worry-free creates peace of mind and a strong sense of security while you’re away.

5. Long-term Investment

Not just a goal for 2020 but for a good part of your life would be stability. Financial wise, property investing in a ready for occupancy unit is a good value for your money and one of the good ways to go. Rent to own condo units are easy to acquire and they double their value in no time. If you also want to take full financial advantage of your condo investment, you can also choose to lease and rent it out.

Megaworld Prime RFO projects are not only strategically located in prime locations accessible to every need but have complete facilities needed for every type of lifestyle.

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